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Forward Midwifery offers sexual & reproductive telehealth services in California, Colorado, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Oregon, & Washington DC.

Click on a service to for more details & pricing👇

We are committed to helping you. Please let us know if you cannot afford these prices and we will use a 'pay what you can' model.

If something you are interested in is not included in this list, please message me to see if I can help you.

If you are looking for funding for an abortion please visit the National Network of Abortion Fund's website and find your state.

If you need a medication abortion mailed to you in a state we don't serve, please visit Plan C's website.

Emergency contraception (plan B or Ella) UTI treatment, STI screening


Contraceptive (birth control) counseling, Pre-conception counseling (trying to get pregnant), Postpartum Depression/Mood Disorders, Irregular Menses:


Gender Affirming Care (Hormone Replacement Therapy)


(Initial Visit)


(Follow ups)

Missed period pills; Medication Abortion (this includes medication, shipping, consultation, & birth control prescription if desired)


Please request an appointment time using the booking page. When the appointment is approved, you will receive intake documents and can specify if you want a phone, video, or email consult.

Consulting Services

Contact Christie at to discuss available consulting services such as setting up your own telehealth practice, offering clinical webinars, and more.

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