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Forward Midwifery offers sexual & reproductive telehealth services in California, Colorado, Washington D.C., Massachusetts, New Mexico & Oregon.

Click on a service to for more details & pricing👇

We are committed to helping you. Please let us know if you cannot afford these prices and we will use a 'pay what you can' model.

If something you are interested in is not included in this list, please message me to see if I can help you.

If you are looking for funding for an abortion please visit the National Network of Abortion Fund's website and find your state.

If you need a medication abortion mailed to you in a state we don't serve, please visit Plan C's website.

*Placental Services are currently only available in the Greater DC area)*

**We will hopefully be able to start accepting medicaid insurances in the near future!**

Emergency contraception (plan B or Ella) UTI treatment, STI screening


Contraceptive (birth control) counseling, Pre-conception counseling (trying to get pregnant), Postpartum Depression/Mood Disorders, Irregular Menses:


Gender Affirming Care (Hormone Replacement Therapy)


(Initial Visit)


(Follow ups)

Missed period pills; Medication Abortion (this includes medication, shipping, consultation, & birth control prescription if desired)


Please request an appointment time using the booking page. When the appointment is approved, you will receive intake documents and can specify if you want a phone, video, or email consult.

Consulting Services

Contact Christie at to discuss available consulting services such as setting up your own telehealth practice, offering clinical webinars, and more.

Placenta Services (Greater DC area only)


We offer placenta services in the greater DC area - Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland. (We will accept placenta clients in West Virginia and Delaware depending on location and availability). We are excited to offer these services for ALL families and pregnant people. For $290 we will pick up your placenta, encapsulate it, make a tincture, and an art print for you. $50 deposit is due at time of the prenatal meeting (virtual).

We guarantee your drop off within 72 hours after we pick it up. Some of the potential benefits of consuming placenta capsules include: improved mood, improved lactation, increased energy, reduced postpartum bleeding, accelerated recovery, improved baby bonding, and improved sleep!

We do not want the cost to be a barrier to you receiving these services - please let us know if $290 is not a possibility for you!

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