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We're committed to providing care to anyone who needs it, regardless of their financial situation. Community support helps make this happen.


We rely on donations to fund our 'pay what you can' model, which offsets costs for patients who need of financial support. By helping us lower this financial barrier, we can create a more accessible and equitable world.

Your donations help to fund...

Telehealth abortions

Preventive sexual health care,
such as STI screening & access to contraceptives

Emergency contraception & UTI treatment

Gender Affirming Care (Hormone Replacement Terapy)

Counseling services for people who are experiencing irregular menses, postpartum depression, or are trying to get pregnant

Mutual Aid Funds are our cup of tea with cup labeled Sexual & Reproductive Care that's inclusive, accessible, and affordable for eeryone

Shop Pro-Abortion Merch

Take your support one step further by wearing it with pride. Our merch shop has has lots of fun shirts, hats, mugs & more. All proceeds go directly to Abortion Freedom Funds and their trusted partners. 🙌

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